Thursday, May 26, 2005

I have worship songs stuck in my head.

I printed up my favorite bible verse as large as it would go and taped it to my bedroom wall so I could see it there everyday. It makes me happy. It is Phil. 4:8. I also posted a sign that says for me to read the bible and write a poem everyday. I want to write a poem everyday to try to improve myself. And as far as the bible goes, I want to read that everyday to "feed my spirit-man" as Chad would say. I struggle with that one. It seems I can find all kinds of time to read other books. . .

I went to Applebees with my family today. I feel so content that I could just take a nap.

A lady was so mean to me at work today that it made me cry. Actually, there were two mean people, but Robbie rescued me both times. I still cried with the mean lady, but I felt so much better after he stepped in to help me.

I've got two nicknames at work: Pollyanna and Sally Jo. Fun times. I call Denise my little Buhdda, Carolina I call the great virgian Diana, Joanne is Sheba, and Robbie is Bobert. Oh yes, I was going to look up some more about Sheba.

Sarah jo

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