Sunday, June 14, 2009

Good enough.

I'm not gorgeous.
And when I dance its kind of awkward and silly.
I'm only funny when I don't mean to be.
I don't like any of your favorite movies or music.
But I was hoping that maybe I am pretty enough for you.
And perhaps my smile will make up for my lack of grace.
Somehow the contrast between my forward manner and bashfulness
and between my knowledge and experience
would intrigue you enough to make you move closer to me.
Because sometimes I say the wrong thing.
And I don't ever know which step to take next.
But it seems you don't know whats going on either.
So maybe you can forgive my inattention to detail
and my sensitive nature
and learn to crave my laughter and touch.
Because I'm never going to be perfect
and I know you aren't either.
I was thinking we could be the best thing that ever happened
to one another
and call that good enough.

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