Friday, June 06, 2008

And that's what's right with me.

This evening I cooked steaks on the grill with my family.
I planned a cruise to the bahamas with three girls who knew me before I knew who I was.
It was a beautiful, beautiful day.
I have loads of time for reading.
My food is now secure in a freezer that locks.
The baby started calling me "Ra Ra" and seems excited each time she sees me.
After three years, I still like my job.
I graduate in December.
Even though I must wait, gastric bypass surgery will eventually happen.
I have friends who are concerned enough about me to notice I'm not happy, even when I try to pretend otherwise.
Said friends seem to like me even when I'm grumpy. Go figure.
Bella and Edward do eventually end up together, no matter how much book two hurts.
Kaitlyn and I are writing a book and I don't care what happens to it because I so love to write.
Its summer and I therefore have no homework.
My financial aid package covered tuition, and then three more dollars on top of that.
I did by some pretty new clothes.
So you think you can dance is on.
I discovered that I'm a nerdfighter and am therefore not made of cells, tissues, and organs. I am actually completely composed of awesome.
"In your pants" may just be funnier than "Thats what she said." Maybe.
No matter how much I weigh, how much money I make, or how many countries I've seen, I am a person worthy of being loved.
Nearly twenty-two years now and I still think there is a man out there that one day decide he would like to spend the rest of his life with me.
Fruit Punch flavored Crytal Light IS better than Kool-Aid (And I've got a whole box!)
P.F. Changs is like, right down the highway.
I live in a country where food, clean water, electricity, jobs, transportation, housing, health-care, and air conditioning are not only readily available, but actually taken for granted.
My car starts everytime I turn the key, and it takes me where I need to go.
When customers yell at me, my co-workers sneak me sympathy looks and we complain to each other later.
I can still keep thinking of good things, even when I hurt more than I've ever hurt before.
Letters, white space, and punctation create a whole world for me to play in.
I've never kissed, which means I didn't waste it on that guy in eight grade who would have kissed me.
My laundry is all clean and my room smells SO good.
I survived every worst day of my life. There will be more, and I'll survive those too.
I am an impatient, demanding, selfish, blunt, uncompassionate human being and somehow people keep choosing to spend time with me.

So I'm going to try to stop focusing on whats wrong with me and start focusing on whats right with me.

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