Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Those words are not enough.

Grandma stored snacks in her dishwasher.
She made the best mashed potato's I've ever had.
The relationship she had a with my Grandpa is a picture of what I want my future marriage to be.
Her relationship with God inspired me.
She told half of all those stories.
She sat out on the swing and watched Grandpa repair countless cars, waving that fan cut out of a cardboard box that read, "My baby's fan", giving Grandpa her opinions every once in a while.
She fought cancer for ten very long years.
Grandma fit more "stuff" in that apartment than I would ever dream possible. Grandpa says its a woman's job to fill all the empty spaces.
Grandma let Grandpa believe he was the boss.
Grandma argued with Grandpa with a grin on her face. I guess that doesn't count.
She said words like "yonder" and "holler".
And she never did say my name right.
Grandma tried to teach me how to make that cornbread, so my Daddy wouldn't have to go without it.
Grandma told me she was proud of me, that she never had to worry about me like my brothers.
She taught me how to crochet and she made me that blanket.
Grandma never wore pants.
She had more shoes and clothes than I've ever seen outside a store.
She liked candles, knick-knacks, and figurines.
Grandma only said, "I love you" when she had her arms around me.
She always thought we were leaving too soon.

Funny, I was thinking the same thing about her.

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