Monday, August 14, 2006

Flaming Marshmallows! (do not taste good)

Something about smores around a fire, a girly movie, and a perfect Sunday. Details are better left to the imagination. I like writing in cursive and watching movies and the way your facial expressions change as you tell me about something you find engrossing. I live in anticipation and excitement over the smallest things and I'm easily distracted and disappointed and I like spending time with people more than I like to hear, "I love you." Delighted, that's what I am. With the way the sun shines through the raindrops on my windshield and the way my purse unzips all the way and the way the ink flows out of that pen so liquid and dark and rich. I like to talk too much and tell you everything little thing I think about every little thing until I think you don't care anymore. And I like spontaneity AND structure. Its comforting to have a routine but its fun to decide at 7:20 that we should go see the 7:30 movie. I want to say the same thing over and over because I like saying it so much and I want you to listen because you like being with me that much. And I

am done.

Sarah Jo

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