Friday, August 25, 2006

You and I.

Do you remember the stories our mothers told us?
We used to run around naked together
abandoning onesie and diaper for the promise of
You and I.

Do you remember playing in Grandma’s pool?
We must have played The Little Mermaid
and our pretend-games hundreds of times
in that water,
You and I.

Do you remember talking for hours in the dark?
We would giggle across the blackness
chasing away fear and holding today hostage
in the way of youth,
You and I.

Do you remember the first books we read together?
We escape so often to our fantasy lands of
Hogwarts, Partholon, Alagasia, Atlantis,
and Narnia,
You and I.

Do you know what is going to happen tomorrow?
We cannot hold the day hostage anymore
but I know that many stories I have yet to tell
will certainly end with:
You and I.

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Ashes said...

Aww! That is soo sweet.