Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I really wanted to hug those men, but I'm not sure how appropriate it would have been.

Miami has three campuses. This morning, two of them were closed. Which campus did I have class on? You guessed it: the open one.

So, I tried to go. You'll notice the operative word here is tried. Let me tell you why.

I was getting on the exit ramp, the one that curves right then left then right again. The roadway was perfectly clear, but I soon realized that the exit ramp was covered in a lovely mixture of slush and freezing rain. Suddendly, and somehow very slowly, the back end of my car swung around to the right, sending the front of my car to the left. I spun. And spun. And spun. Down the icy ramp. Soon, the back end of my car asserted itself as the leader and I was facing the wrong direction knowing that very, very soon, I would feel my car rolling over the median. Turns out, it didnt roll smoothly over the median but instead came to an akward and shuddering stop. I had two tires on eithers side of the concrete barrier. All kinds of warning lights came on. I cried.

That was two hours ago. Now, my car is at the mechanics and I came home to find an email telling me that class was canceled. Lovely.

It is, apparently, a dangerous assumption that everyone lives on campus and only has to walk to class.

On the bright side, my car was driven, and not towed, to the mechanics. I am not hurt in anyway. And handsome young paramedics happened to drive by just as I burst into tears, saving me and my car from . . . well . . . from having to call a tow truck.

What did I learn today? My priorities are a little mixed up. From now on, my personal safety will come BEFORE my attendance record. Thank you, world, thank you very much.

Now, were is my hot chocolate?

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I'm sure they would have understood the desire for hugs