Sunday, October 28, 2007

When I think of it in poetry, it was a GOOD night.

Last night Nika invited me to a bonfire at her uncles house. Suppressing my insane need to arrive everywhere early, I arrived just on time. Incidentally, I was the first one there. :( Apparently, this was one of those "fashionably late" events. Oh well.

The sky was covered in not-quite-ominous looking clouds but the fire was warm and the host was friendly. I waited. When Nika and J arrived, we made hot dogs over the fire right before the rain began to fall. Here comes the poetry: we were huddled under an umbrella like an island of safety while the heat of the fire fought with the cold of the rain. Finally, the rain decided to exit gracefully. Smores, hot coco, and hot cider followed. More friends arrived and we talked and laughed in the glow of the flames, resting on bales of hay.

Later, we all went to the movies to see Dan in Real Life. Only about halfway through the movie did it occur to me that I was the only single person in a group of couples, but that didn't matter at all. As we were leaving the theatre, I noticed the sky had finally cleared, revealing a bright moon and only a couple brave stars.

Thanks Nika.

Sarah Jo

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