Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I had a bad day. I'm so tired of crying at work. I want a job that doesn't make me cry. I keep telling myself that I graduate in May and then can go do something else, but now Katie is leaving and it's not going to be the same without her. I thought I was going to visit her in Canada but that fell through and now theres only that distant future that's so foggy I can't make anything out.

School is great this semester. I haven't complained about it, have I? I can't remember. But, work is another matter. I just had my annual review and it didn't go so well. She told me what I should do to improve and I tried that today and she told me I had a really good day, but it wasn't good at all. Why should I try harder when I care so little? I know I should work hard at what I do because I'm getting paid to do it well, but a person can only handle so many mean, mad, grumpy people and still be able to smile.

Let me talk about something positive now. Katelyn and I finished the book! Now, we are going to get it printed and give copies to a couple people to read and give us their (constructive) criticism. Hopefully, people wont hate it. Then, I guess we try to get an agent. We'll see where it goes from there.

I dunno. I'm in an awfully sour mood. I have been all day. Being around people didn't help. Maybe I'll go be alone now. Me, and a book.

Sad, Sad, Sarah Jo

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