Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Bad stuff happens like the seasons around here.

So, after 12 years at one place, my dad got laid off. As you can imagine, it is a little frightening to have the source of income to dissapear. However, my dad is always calm and resilient, making even a crises seem like a minor setback. Hes not upset. I asked him how he could remain so calm and he told me that much worse things could have happened.

It reminds me the day of my grandma's (his moms) funeral. There we were, standing in the line at the front of the church where people are supposed to walk by and offer their condolences like some kind of grieving recieving line. But, I wasnt shaking anyones hand or listening, I was clinging to my dad and crying all over his shirt while he held me like the world wasn't falling apart. That will always be my most prominent memory of him, like a summary or a defining moment. This is my father: the one person who didn't expect me to cry, the one person who held me until I was finished.

Dad said, "What bad can happen as long as we are all together? We'll get through this, Red." And I suppose we did. And I suppose we will.

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