Thursday, January 18, 2007

Shake it baby!

I feel like a snowglobe. I've got all these things floating around in my head and I don't know which one to deal with first. Or if I even want to deal with them. Maybe I'll let everything float around in my head like a beautiful disaster. And lots of these things are people specific. What I mean is, I would better write a poem to that person telling them everything I would never truly say. And some things I need to work out in my own heart. Grrr.

I've got all this information, all these new ideas and concepts, all these situations and thoughts and no time to process them. How does this all fit together? What does it mean now? Do I believe this?

I think I just need to write poetry. Its easier to do that because then all the scary things to say are at least pretty in their own right, dressed up in verse so they do not look so vulnerable and bare.

I put all my secrets in poetry. The funny thing is, anyone can read it, anyone at all. They just have to ask. They just have to listen. Its like my heart, it is open and available for anyone willing to pursue. But thats it, isnt it?

Sarah Jo

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your unmocking spoof said...

I didn't know that...but i don't know if I'll ask to see you poetry too often. I'm quite afraid of finding things in your heart that are hidden in mine. Some day, though...