Saturday, September 30, 2006

Something about Something

Mom and I went to a haunted something or other this evening. It wasn't very scary but I enjoyed listening to her scream. I couldn't get past the reality of all the "monsters" being men in masks. The only time I felt truly frightened was when they put us in the meat locker thing and closed the door. It was a real freezer. It was turned off, of course, but there we were, locked inside a metal box (with a "madman" and "bodyparts") As they were herding us into the freezer I was trying to reason with those behind me, "This is a freezer, it isn't the way out. We can't go in here. There is no door. This is a freezer." We went in the freezer. And as soon as that door shut I started feeling afraid. OH MY GOSH I'M LOCKED IN A BOX! The then the door opened and the the "madman" allowed us to exit. Whew. Crises averted.

School this semester is much more taxing that I had anticipated. I'm working a lot less but I feel. . . Stretched thin. I'm going to school and tutoring and working and I just want to sleep in once in a while.

It just occurred to me that my mother was my only option for haunted house going this evening. How sad. Well, I'll go find my comfort in a book about something that could never ever happen.

Hey, do you ever wonder if you have already passed the time when you were the best you would ever be?

Sarah Jo

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