Tuesday, September 19, 2006

To uplifting glimpses:

Life is like one of those puzzles, where the picture is all mixed up and you have to move the pieces around to put the picture back together. You have to move things really far from where they belong sometimes, and it seems to work against your goal, but its really moving the whole contraption closer to the way it should be. And sometimes, you will get a glimpse of the real picture, maybe four squares together, and you have your secret triumph over it. But, maybe the four pieces are supposed to be in the other corner, so you tear it apart again.

So, sometimes in life we get those glimpses of the big picture, the way things are supposed to be. Sometimes the picture is right but the time and place aren't, so it all falls apart and we mourn it. Everything was working out! And things don't make sense so often. Things aren't working and we don't understand why things happen, why we have these setbacks and these challenges and these changes. We cannot see the whole picture and we do not understand how all these strange pieces fit together.

We are shattered and broken in this life, for so many reasons. I don't know what made you crack, but surely you are/were in pieces and just like the puzzle, you are missing that last piece, that corner.

But it is not hopeless, and the broken pieces of who you are supposed to be, what your life is supposed to be, can be mended to form that picture, even the missing piece, if you allow it. Unlike us, God knows what the whole picture is supposed to be, and He can fill that hole. So many times in my life, I do not understand how the pieces fit together; I do not know why things are happening the way they are. But I know that Gods hands are on the puzzle of my life, taking this shattered mess I have created and turning it into something beautiful, something whole.

It is tempting, (as I have often given in) to seize control and try to fix it yourself. The whole processes is slow and sometimes painful and never very clear. But for today, I relinquish my control, hold tight to my faith, and trust my Lord to do one better than all the kings horses and all the kings men.

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