Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I DO have standards . . . and you don't meet them.

Ashley J mentioned the other day that something seemed "off" with me. Maybe I agree. I dunno. I'm not sure which version of me she is comparing the current me to, since she has been in Michigan most of the time for the last three years, and well, three years is a long time. Maybe. . . she just isn't used to me anymore. Or something.

Summertime is lovely, if not unproductive. Yes, the stress of school is gone, kind of like the waves disappearing, giving me time to breathe. But, without a little motion in the water, it just turns to a stagnant, dead pool. Nobody wants that.

Today, I had an "ouch" moment. You know the moments where you realize what you wish would happen is never going to happen? I mean, I can pretend for weeks, even months at a time, that everything is going the way I would love it to go but then. . . . *ouch* Oh well, its not good to hold on to false hopes anyway, right?

Ewww! Today, I customer informed me that he was passing a kidney stone. While. I. Waited. On. Him. Ewww.

So, Katelyn and I started writing books together. Its going well and its SO much fun. Its amazing to get to create characters and put them in situations and decide how everything turns out. I am learning that authors aren't crazy when they say that characters make them do things. After all, if Leena did this, she wouldn't be Leena, would she? But then, you don't know Leena. I don't know if you ever will.

Yesterday, I decided that I like Micheal Buble. 'specially the romantic tunes.

Oh! I have another story! Denise said she was at the drugstore the other day and some man told her she looked familiar. She said she worked at the License agency. He said he was there the other day and that young red-haired girl was just a joy, and she was cute too. Then, he apparently wished to revise his statement by insisting that he was a "christian man" and he meant it in a "christian way". Haha. When Denise told me this story my response was:
"He was old, wasn't he?"

Yep. Old guys and sex offenders have the hots for me! Oh, and I can't forget the toothless, alcoholic black men at the drive-thru. I'm thinking the next shirt that I order should say something like, "I DO have standards. . . and you don't meet them." It's gonna be great!

Well, I think I'll go daydream and wonder, plant some angst and see what blooms.

Sarah Jo

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