Friday, February 04, 2011

Wherein Sarah Jo makes references to Lucky Charms and Japanese Curry:

I don't have a poem to write. Or some insight I discovered today. I just wanted to write.

The other day I woke up from a dream that was so vivid I had to write it. I worked backwards from the moment that struck me until I found a place to start. It was so nice. The words just poured out of me until my fingers hurt and I realized hours had passed. Now what am I going to with it? It is a barely-there story beginning about vampire hunting in Europe. And finding a vampire. I don't want to write any more about it. I just wanted it to be written.

I think the unfortunate part of my passion for writing is that it ends after the story is written down. I don't care if anyone else reads it. I don't care about editing or publishing or any of that, really. I just wanted to develop the story and see what it could be. For my own enjoyment.

I do eventually want to write my own story. I know I'm not anything sensational. I don't really have a lot of selling points for the reader that knows nothing of me, but I have things to say. And I've learned much through the years that have gotten me here. I may be young, but life has taught me wisdom. I could share some of that. And make you laugh too.

But not tonight.

Tonight I'm ruminating on relationships (not the romantic kind.) I haven't come to a point yet though, so I can't really share my thoughts with you. Have you ever made curry? When making Japanese curry you toss these bricks of curry into a pot of water and vegetables and wait for it to thicken. You hope it will thicken. You watch and wait and stir. I think this is where I am right now with my thoughts.

I spent time talking with several of my friends this evening at different points. They all seemed to have something upsetting happening in their lives they needed to talk about. It happens often this way. Sometimes things just go wrong in peoples lives. But I had this great well of peace inside me that felt like it was just flowing outward. I wanted them to have it too.

But I don't know the cost of such peace. Is it a different price for all of us? Did I have to experience all of my own stuff to get here? Was that my price for peace? Or was it waiting for me all along, just waiting to be taken hold of? No. I could never have known such peace before this. I know the uncertainty, doubt, fear, and pain that life can bring. That makes the peace have value.

Still, I wish I could give it to them. I wish everyone could be here where I am. I wish I could stay this content forever. I know such things aren't possible, but it doesn't stop my brain from trying to figure out a way to share it, to make it last.

I'm sleepy now. My fingers are missing appropriate keys and I feel like I'm chasing coherent thoughts around inside my head like the last marshmallow in a bowl of cereal. Elusive.

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