Thursday, January 13, 2011

I have been many colors.

Many times yellow
like the summer sun
sometimes too bright
but full of joy and laughter.

Or a deep, deep blue
calm and peaceful
with untold layers

I have been gray
a blanket of clouds in December skies
a rumbling promise
an inescapable cold.

Green and brown
the colors of growing things
teeming with life and future
nourishing and being nourished

Oh and Red
all passion and fire
unreasonable and demanding
delicious and dangerous

And colors without names
or feelings without colors
like the electric sizzle of wanting you
the nervous flutter of anticipation
that sharp weight of rejection
the burning of lungs that just won't breathe
and the hollow pain of disappointment

I have been many colors
but my favorite shades were all moments with you.

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