Sunday, January 25, 2009

One thing leads to another.

I think all I wanted to say is that I want to be heard. I really hope one day I'll find a person who will want to listen to everything I have to say. Someone who'll read what I write, even when it sucks. Someone who will want me to listen to everything they have to say. And he'll have some passion that I won't quite understand but I'll listen and observe and support him in whatever ways I can. And we'll argue sometimes. And we'll discover amazing things about each other. And time will pass too quickly. And we'll discover flaws in one another we never knew we had. And we'll discover layers of beauty no one else has ever noticed. And when its just us, we'll be safe from all the world and anyone else that might want to hurt us. We'll be a team. We'll be a partnership. At least, thats what I'm hoping for.

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