Thursday, April 10, 2008

A students guide to procrastination:

Hey guys, I guess I haven't posted here in awhile. The last month of the semester is always so hectic, but I guess you probably know that.

Mostly, I've become obsessed with weight loss surgery (wls) and it pretty much consumes my every free thought. Well, that and boys. Sigh. Haha. Not really. Mostly. Hmm. Anyway, I finally have all of my pre-op appointments scheduled, so thats cool. I orded all kinds of protien shake samples to try, but I'm waiting till after the surgery to do that because they say your tastes change afterwards. However, I did buy one big thing of kroger protien powder stuff to take now. And I joined a gym, so I'm working out too. The working out and the protien should help me heal faster and if I lose some weight, make the surgery safer too, which is always good. That not-safe surgery might be what the kids are into, but I'm all about safety! (Okay, I was going for grumpy old lady with that last statement, but I think it failed miserably.)

The office comes back tonight! We're having an office party tonight. By "we", I mean Robbie, Jenna, and I. And by "office party", I mean going out to dinner and then watching the office together. But "we" are calling it an "office party". Dessert will be involved (I'm making it, thats why this information is exciting.)

Now, people keep talking about visiting me soon after the surgery. I think I've told everyone, but I will repeat myself: I am a BIG baby. When I'm sick, I am grumpy and whiney. Just to let you know, you enter at your own risk. You may never think of me the same again.

I wrote an essay for creative nonfiction class called, "An addicts guide to parenting" and I'm really pleased with the way it turned out but I can t post it here because apparently there is a debate about whether or not posting something on a blog counts as publishing and most places wont publish previously published materials and my goal is to try to get it published but only after I've completed by present goal of creating an annoyingly long sentance while apparently making up words such as "annoingly" and avoiding that actual work of revising said essay because, as I've probably said before, I truly hate revising even though my professors tell me it is the real work of a good writer and damned if I don't want to be a good writer but I know I certainly don't want to be a "literary" writer as they tend to be published in things people don't read anyway and who wants to be published and not read? Whew.

Seriously though, I gotta get to work.

Sarah Jo!

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